Work Hard, Play Hard Dies!

Work hard play hard as a company mantra is done! Celebration for accomplishment is critical, and to plan a party or team trip may be invaluable. It says “In order to do great things, it will take extra effort and that effort will be acknowledged and rewarded.” Play hard – hmmmm, I can’t recall that axiom ever being mentioned regarding work, without alcohol being involved.

“Work hard, play hard” has become a mantra and a recipe in some situations to act dumb.

We hear from well meaning managers, “They are just blowing off some steam, or it’s a celebration for a job well done.” Well meaning leaders are saying today “How do we make sure everyone is safe during our event?

Work hard, play hard.  Ever notice the people playing the hardest at these big team celebrations may not be the hardest workers or the best performers? The top performers are the ones leaving these events early and are often plotting out their next day and updating calendars for even greater achievements.

I had a boss tell me once, “Nothing good ever happened after midnight.” As a personal motto “Work Hard, Play Hard” may give the wrong impression and it also gives license to be wild, crazy, or even dumb to ourselves and others, as our reward for working so hard.

More negative, long term regrets or memories may be created by everyone enjoying the playing hard ethic than the memories of our greatness at working hard.

The New Manta:

Work Smart Play Smart – ahhhhh, that’s better!


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