Leading Ourselves

Values & Culture

We will run exercises to capture individual values in a safe environment. These exercises will focus on key areas of self-discovery. Through learning of our deepest beliefs, we can build our awareness of significant factors such as:

  • How we make decisions
  • How we judge ourselves and others
  • How we build priorities for our time and energy
  • What are the drivers of our life plan, and if they are in line with our business plans

Improving our understanding of these factors allows us to improve our interactions with other people and team members and enhance our performance capabilities.

Communicating in Color

  • Why don’t they do what they say they will do?
  • Why are they just so slow?
  • Why won’t they listen?
  • Why do they always think they have the answer?

Have you ever had any of these questions run through your mind? Our attitude toward others shapes our communications and results in either success or strife. If you think about the people you trust and have easy communications with compared to the people with whom you have poor communication, you will find that you also have poor trust with those people. We all have tendencies in how we prefer to deliver and receive communications but if we understand how people communicate we can improve these skills using a guided set of tools:

  • Executive briefings
  • Team Workshops
  • Results-oriented simulations
  • In-depth self-profile analysis
  • Exercises to visualize ways you can build effective communications
  • Face-to-face, email and texting exercise simulations

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is simply whether or not you are socially aware and taking it one step futher, once you are socially aware, can you manage yourself and your interactions with others? We have emotional and cognitive triggers, and learning more about these triggers will benefit our comprehension of certain behaviors from ourselves and other people. We will create a personal toolkit of ways to improve important relationships in your life to achieve success both at home and at work. Our workshops will focus on:

  • Learning key dimensions of emotional intelligence
  • Completing an emotional intelligence survey to discover your strengths and weaknesses
  • Practicing strategies to improve your emotional intelligence and sensitivity