Coaching Programs

We offer a broad range of workshops designed to bring out the very best in individuals, teams and companies. Through his extensive experience and broad-reaching training, Jim Trunick is able to target key areas that are significantly underperforming and encourage positive and effective change. Please select one of the categories below to learn how Jim’s workshops can meet your specific needs and exceed your expectations.

Leading Ourselves

Often the very first place we need to start changing outcomes is by analyzing, developing and improving our own skillset. Our top priority is to create a safe environment where people can talk openly about the things that matter most to them. Taking this growth one step further, we can explore how to better understand others and communicate our needs more effectively through specific exercises and simulations. By understanding the significance of Emotional Intelligence and the triggers that affect us individually, we can better predict and direct our interactions with others.

Our Leading Ourselves workshops focus on three CORE areas:

  • Values & Culture
  • Communicating in Color
  • Emotional Intelligence

Leading Others

There is a difference between managing people and leading teams. The transition from managing to leading can be difficult and hard to define but we can help you learn how to lead and inspire teams instead of just managing people. Our workshops will teach you how to engage your employees, leading to better outcomes and higher involvement from your teams. 

Our Leading Others workshops focus on three CORE areas:

  • Executive Leader Coaching & Mentoring
  • Employee Engagement
  • Emerging Leader

Advanced Leadership and Teams

Perhaps your team has already mastered the tasks of communicating more effectively with others and leading teams instead of simply managing people. Your team will benefit from mastering more complex skills such as enhancing team effectiveness, improving negotiating skills and recruiting and hiring techniques. Mastering these skills will progressively better outcomes and stronger teams. 

Our Advanced Leadership and Teams workshops focus on three CORE areas:

  • Building Team Effectiveness
  • Advanced Negotiations
  • Recruiting and Hiring

Custom Workshops

As you explore our website, you might be thinking to yourself that there are several key workshop areas that could improve your organization. That is not a problem at all. We recognize that each company and team has a specific set of needs and our ultimate goal is to fulfill those needs. We will tailor the focus of your workshops to meet the specific needs of your company. The starting place is to fill out the web form below. Let’s lead from the middle together!

Please use the form below to contact Jim about a Keynote perfect for your organization.