Jim’s Philosophy

Based on my book, The CORE of Leadership® the essence of my work is simply that leadership is more about others and less about achievements.  In business or at home, we have become enamored with the idea of winning and being number one – no matter the cost.  For many of us, it is more important to be right than to be kind. Achieving great heights in our career or status is equated with success – or at least it looks that way!  Yet, when we bend down to help another, that is when we feel best.  When we achieve our greatest goals, we stand on stage and the first thing we do is thank someone.  We know we can go fast, because we are smart, determined, and with equal certainty, we know we couldn’t truly achieve our greatest goals if it weren’t for others helping us.   Leadership, just like physical fitness or martial arts training, is saying that to be our best requires strengthening our CORE.  The CORE of our humanity is where our strength is – in leading the defense and promotion of our values every day. Leadership goes beyond just having character.  It requires touching our errors, our missteps, and our guilt and pain to be more transparent, more aware of our mistakes, and to share those stories of who we are. Leading from our CORE gives us more authority by pulling people towards us, rather than pushing suggestions at them.  This becomes the foundation for happiness and moving from success to significance. Learn how to lead from your CORE by contacting me today!

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