Advanced Leadership & Teams

These workshops are for enhancing your team’s skills in more complex and complicated aspects of leadership and the resulting outcomes.

Building Team Effectiveness

Our effectiveness workshops are built around half day to two full day programs to create high performing teams. These workshops include:

  • Sharing models of great and poor team performance
  • Insights® team effectiveness models
  • Utilizing games and live action to support team building
  • LeadOut® – game process to teach and test team building skills
  • Videos and exercises based around relevant team dynamics of trust and accountability to achieve results

Advanced Negotiations

Advanced Negotiations workshops range from a half day to two full day focused on learning and role playing critical negotiation skills. These workshops teach team members to value the difference between selling (creating a value position) and negotiating (determining acquisition after agreement of value). The Advanced Negotiations workshops include:

  • Negotiation style assessments
  • Learning how to read non-verbal body language
  • Practicing tactics and counter tactics
  • Practicing creativity for learning the reason behind the position
  • Simulations and scoring

Recruiting & Hiring

One of the key parts of any business is being able to find and hire the right people to enhance your team and company results. Our Recruiting and Hiring workshops range from a half day to a full day focusing specifically on interview skill building. We will discuss:

  • Specific strategy and plans for recruiting top talent
  • Reviewing key competencies of success and models for hiring
  • Creating a process for equity, fairness, and buy-in for hiring
  • Learning data analysis of candidate information
  • Learning the importance of integration with other stakeholders for making decisions