Tom PhelpsJim Trunick’s book , The Core of Leadership, is filled with heartwarming stories and keen insights that enriched my appreciation for character, trust, family values, authenticity and humility. But what about Mr. Trunick’s concept of leadership? His is not the ‘I lead and you follow’ model. Leadership is all about sticking to one’s core values, transparency, learning and caring for others, whether they are your employees, partners, clients, spouse or children— not about demonstrating superior intelligence or skills.

Tom Phelps, Co-Founder Manatt, Phelps and Phillips, and board member CSUF Center of Leadership

Dr Mike DunphyJim Trunick has been a ‘leader of leaders’ for the many years I have known him. His new book, which is strongly grounded in experience, is a powerful repository of wisdom, insight and truth valuable to all of us. The Core of Leadership will challenge your thinking, empower your will and refresh your spirit. Simply Excellent!”


Dr. Mike Dunphy, Chairman of the Division of Math & Sciences at Walsh University

Tom SullivanOver the course of my career I have spoken to over 3,000 corporations and business schools. I’ve seen leaders in all sizes, shapes, attitudes, and types. But I have never met anyone who exemplified the concepts Jim Trunick has brought forward in this work. Leading from the middle is exactly what companies should hope from their employees in the future. We live in a time where there is a premium placed on loyalty. Leading from the middle will increase the overall productivity of a company along with stimulating commitment from its people. Jim Trunick is an innovative voice and should be listened to by all of us who read this book.

Tom Sullivan, Producer, Entertainer, Author, Lecturer, Advocate for Persons with Disabilities

verne_color_print_ hi-res_300 dpiLessons of what is at the core of being a leader, told with a passion that comes from experiencing great loss and success.



Verne Harnish, Author of Mastering the Rockefeller Habits

Betsy AllenJim Trunick’s stories of winning from the middle are heartwarming, heart wrenching (punch here) and heart stretching. Having known Jim for over 10 years, he has been winning from the middle with a core of steel, an eternal smile and “how can I help you” presence.

Betsy Allen, CEO, MBA, CSP, MOK, Gaining Results, Inc.

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