Leading Others

Executive Leader Coaching and Mentoring

We offer a variety of workshops that will enhance your existing skills and further your ability to lead others, instead of simply managing people. Building on the values and culture of your company, we continue to improve inter-personal skills and efficiency in order to achieve greater outcomes.

Our executive Leader Coaching program is personal training in leadership. Our programs are tailored to fit your specific needs, but can include focusing on the following key areas:

  • One-on-one Mentoring to improve team and business results
  • Learning when and how to move from managing to leading
  • What does good leadership look like?
  • Clarifying behaviors that impact results and unlearning certain negative behaviors

Improving Employee Engagement

We are business professionals, and require focus and engagement like professional athletes.   The “pros” dedicate 90% of their time to training and recovery – and 10% ro being on stage. As business professionals, we are on stage 90% of the time, with 10% or less time for training and recovery to improve. We have to be focused on our mission and on our goals for home and work, and this requires training and recovery to happen, but there is no time. I will lead you through a ½ – 2 day program, dedicated to improving your ability to build more energy, and achieve your highest personal and professional goals. Workshops will allow employees to:

  • Learn key factors of their ultimate mission
  • Learn key principals of nutrition for building more energy
  • Understand how exercise for physical development supports storing and utilizing energy each day
  • Learn principals for physical, mental, emotional and purposeful energy

Emerging Leader Development

Some top performers really want to lead people. Some have it thrust upon them by their manager saying to them “I think you’ll be a  great manager!”  and thus starts in motion a series of activities, leading to 1 of 3 places –

  1. A great outcome
  2. An unhappy top performer in the wrong job
  3. A team underpowered to perform, as their manager is less than a great leader

This 3-day immersion program gives top performers real development toward being more successful in their current role, and exposes them to tools and processes for becoming an effective leader. Top performers will learn when and how to make the transition for improved employee engagement, retention and business outcomes. These workshops will cover important topics such as:

  • Moving from management through leadership
  • Using leadership styles of direction or support depending on the issue and employee capability
  • Pitfalls to avoid in becoming a better leader
  • Task-based leadership
  • Principles of effective leadership
  • Self and 360 surveys to improve understanding