The Good Boss – Part I

Brittany, told me she had the best boss ever. I asked her why and she said, he (Jason) was lazy, weak, kind of a liar, and overall he was unsure of himself. Huh? She laughed, and said, “Well no, not really, only it could look that way” She told me this story:

“I worked with Jason one day on goals and activities and he provided assessment of my performance.” She felt good and appreciated his insights. She thought everything was great and believed she was on her way to a promotion. He sent Brittany the follow-up report of their talk, as he said he would and copied his boss, which was great. Until she read the report, and felt like his comments, were more harsh than she remembered and painted her in a negative light. The more she read, the more steamed she got; she felt duped and embarrassed as she was being somewhat chided and scolded on areas to improve. “This wasn’t the talk we had! This makes me look terrible.” Brittany felt one way, but reading the report she feel very different. Did she miss something? She thought, “No, he’s being a jerk.” Why was Jason not happy with her? Was he trying to look strong and show-off for his boss as being tough-minded?

(p.s. Don’t mistake close-minded for tough-minded).  

She said to me, “I had to say something, since I was getting more and more worked up. I calmed down over the next day, to make sure I expressed myself correctly as this was important to me and my chances for a promotion.”  She went on, “I called Jason, and explained all my feelings from the talk to the report and asked for an explanation.” He explained some things and clarified a couple more, and then Jason said, “You know, as I read this I am more clear how you may have gotten mixed messages. I think I screwed this up. I have been traveling a ton, I’m tired and frankly, I didn’t think this through very well. I was trying to provide direction, suggestions, and recommendations for your continued success and instead I over-stated so many things here, giving wrong impressions to you and my boss Dave. I am so sorry.” She said she asked him, “What can we do?” He said, “I will rewrite this whole report and have you look at it before I re-send the updated, corrected version to Dave. I will clarify with him that my first report were not a true reflection of you, your work, or our actual face-to-face conversation”

I said, that is a good boss. She said, “Oh, it gets better.” He wrote an amazing summary report and he sent that to Dave, detailing her work progress and success. Dave wrote a letter back to both Jason and Brittany, saying, “Jason shared with me how you initiated him rewriting this report. I am proud of you and Jason, for both doing right things by each other and our team. Kudos to you both.”

Wow – great.  She said, “ I’m not done! Jason, helped me in amazing ways to get promoted and then after that, my husband and family had to move from New York to St. Louis, and I had to leave the company. Jason made sure I was hired in my same job, in St. Louis!”  

He showed me something, as I reflect on him being my best boss – the impact I want to have in someone else’s career! I’ll always remember him, not so much for what he did, rather for simply being the person he was – Stand-up guy!

That is a good Boss! Do you have a good boss story? Please share it with us!

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