The Birth Of Leadership

As kids, we observe everything and we process our world quickly. We decide if what we do, or what others do, results in good or bad outcomes. And we adjust our behavior accordingly.

Leadership begins with observing. Secondly, it involves looking outside at others, then turning that insight inward and exploring who we are and what things are truly important to us. Thirdly, it entails determining how our inside values blend against listening and watching others’ actions, to become our learned leadership. Thereby shaping how we apply our words and behaviors to the world.

We observe, analyze, and then act.

Who are your heroes or sheroes? Those role models in your life that go beyond those you trust and become people you mimic or aspire to emulate? They are called role models for a reason – they shape a role you’d like to perform in your life.

We ask ourselves:

  • Are they someone impacting many multitudes of people to a belief or action that is important to me?
  • Are they someone who reaches down into my soul and touches something, making me feel inspired or renewed?

Whether it is internal for you or external for you, these heroes/sheroes in our lives shape our beliefs. Applying those lessons with our interactions with others, becomes our voice of leadership.

So leadership is personal for all of us. It is inside all of us. Leadership is not Caesar, Lincoln, or Churchill, rather leadership is each of us reaching into our heart to know our purpose and reaching another’s heart to help them with their purpose. Leadership becomes simpler and less elitist. It’s less about position, titles, or achievements, and more about growth, journey, and discovery. If you count great CEOs amongst your role models, you have to ask yourself if they are actually great leaders? They may be great achievers with too many cars, boats, and houses they have no time to use.CEOs can be both, but being CEO doesn’t necessarily mean leadership, it may only mean achievement. You know.

Our leadership is born for each of us in our understanding of what drives our actions, both internally, and for influencing others.

We are each of us leaders – from CEOs to housekeepers. Our values didn’t come from the sports page, politics section. or cover story. Our values came from the stories we hold dear from the people we hold dear, which shaped the futures of those behind us.

Leadership is the defense and promotion of our values against all challenges.

Leadership is a journey. Learned initially from our parents, friends, enemies, teachers, siblings, grandparents, first boss, foster-parents, or adoptive parents. Then formed through our voice. And then applied with others.

If you were born, you’re a leader.


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