Tell Me The Truth… Nobody Reads These Things!

Tell Me The Truth… Nobody Reads These Things!

What do you think?  

Am I right?

We read blogs, listen to podcasts, write articles, read articles, and give presentations, yet it seems like the only one listening, is us. We the few – who get it. There are many interesting discussions and tips and tricks about diversity, culture, ethics, candor, character, values, and listening. And I believe the managers that need this information, knowledge, and perspective the most – have already changed channels and tuned out!

We are talking to ourselves. Quotes and slogans, beliefs and ideals about the power inside of us, and the people with the titles, money, and power – think this is all too touchy-feely.  

Sadly, I believe workplaces are getting more toxic, more stressful, less fun, and people at the top of these companies say “Look at the results” instead of focusing on the environment. “Make employees money and they don’t care about all the other stuff.” It’s like the bad bosses belong to some kinda club all about who can get people to work harder through fear tactics. Good results seem to validate poor management communication, and support heavy-handed dictator-like styles.  Even boards of directors tolerate many bad leadership behaviors if people aren’t leaving, aren’t suing them, and the overall results are good.

These bad leaders don’t listen to leadership podcasts, nor do they read about trends in leadership. “Let HR do that!” As leaders they somehow seem less interested in learning about how to be a better leader.

OR. …..

Am I wrong?  

Are leaders listening out there? Do they want to be owners of their leadership style and improve? Or do they delegate their people leadership to someone else and run the business in direct fierce tones?

We all know of some teams and see growing evidence of some organizations being better places to work than others. I just read about all the enormous stress and frustration of many very senior leaders. They seem at times to have all the money and none of the fun in life. And so I wonder if we are making a difference toward a better leadership style.

I hope quality and care in our senior leadership is growing, and that we all read, talk, listen, and spend time learning the ways to build lasting engagement, instead of just hiring talent for short term results.  

“Talent + Engagement = Strength” ~ Marcus Buckingham

So I ask you again, what do you think?