Alexa, I Had A Bad Day

So you walk in the house and it’s “Alexa, lights, air conditioning, and curtains.”  And yet, when we say, “Alexa, I had a bad day” the device says “I do not understand.”

We are so connected with technology but not connected with communicating!

“The greatest mistake in communication is the illusion it’s already taken place.” ~ George Bernard Shaw

Our devices have become our alter-egos. We can swipe right or swipe left to get merchandise, movies, and games. And now we do the same when it comes to relationships, critical decisions, friends, or even unfriending somebody!

Between the words, verbal tones, and body language of communication, we all know body language is the most powerful. Not sure of this? Think about being in conversation with someone, and while you are talking, they smile and nod, roll their eyes, look at their phone, or scan the room to see who else is nearby. These actions speak volumes – and that demonstrates the importance of body language. That same body language is taking place on every conference call in the world right now as you read this. Those hidden and powerful body language messages are real, and the real communication in our lives – not Alexa connections.

People who think they are getting the same deep rich conversation over the phone, or worse yet in an email or text are sadly out of touch emotionally. They aren’t communicating, anymore than you are having a dialogue with Alexa. Conversation and communication require real listening – not Alexa listening to cue an action – rather listening for the heart and emotion of someone’s message, not just the words.

“Listening is hearing what isn’t being said.” – Peter Drucker

Alexa, thanks and I will go see other humans to assist in the real priorities and purposes of my life.

Good Day!


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