A Mindset Shift For A Salesperson’s Life

Salespeople are already behind the eight ball. They have dug a hole for themselves and don’t even realize they are in a “professional” hole.

The only difference between a rut and a grave is depth and distance. ~ John Maxwell

Every day, many salespeople are digging themselves out of the hole from the very beginning of their career.  Salespeople pride themselves on being professional, but society requires credentials with initials. In today’s society, “professionals” are identified with initials behind their name, ie. DDS, RN, NP, JD, MD, MPH, CPA, CMP, OD, DO, or one of many more. In fact, virtually every person in a lawyer’s or physician’s office is also loaded with initials credentialing their education, professional status, and legitimacy to be called “a professional.” Many of these people with initials in their name, are required to take continuing education courses each year, to maintain their stature or licensure as “professional.” Salespeople are one exception to this rule.

Many salespeople attend a 1-2 week long training courses, and may take a couple quizzes from the company hiring them, who also manufactures the product they are about to sell. And these salespeople may be among the highest paid people in a lawyer or physician’s office, with no requirement for CEC (continuing education credit).

Larger society may treat those who work in sales like a nasty label. They weren’t smart enough to get into medical, pharmacy, optometry, dental, or law school – and since they are not professionals, they settled for sales. We look down on them, like a brother-in-law, who is unemployed or spends most of his time on the couch, claiming to be a professional salesperson.

“Professional” in the sales world is a state of mind – a state of the customer’s mind. It’s not about how great the salesperson believes himself or herself to be. Salespeople aim to be perceived and received as “professional” and yet society doesn’t’ really recognize selling as professional. Hence, salespeople are already in a hole.

Wanna be a better salesperson – be a better person. ~Jim Trunick

Professional salespeople have to be incredibly trustworthy, patient, sensitive, hard-working, and dedicated to rise to the level of ‘professional’ expected in society. We all know “professionals” in professions where initials seem to matter, who act unprofessionally. In yesteryear, when professionals with higher education knew more, everyone in society hung onto every word or action of intellectual professionals, in order to guide our lives. Today knowledge is so prevalent that all professionals are in the persuasion game. All professionals, both those with and those without initials in their name, are selling.  And that requires professional conduct even more that professional letters. Teachers sell kids on the value of homework, parents sell kids on the value of spinach, brokers sell clients on the value of stocks, physicians sell patients on compliance regarding medications, lawyers sell advice and counsel, and so on. In fact, any professional of letters, when asked to describe their biggest challenge, or what keeps them up at night, would probably say – it’s not their knowledge or studies they almost always lead with – it’s selling – getting people (staff and others) to do what they expect.

We all sell, and those members of society who believe that initials somehow separate professionals from non-professionals, are misguided in respecting the emotional intelligence that goes along with influence, persuasion, caring, and engagement.

Care more, win more – selling is a state of mind from all sides,



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