8 Secrets To Promoting Yourself

Here you go, these are 8 secrets to achieving your greatness:

Secret #1:  Read minds.
Who is your audience and what are their frustrations, fears, joys, and dreams?  If you want people to believe in you, then invest time to learn their levers for both pain and pleasure. All great influencers pride themselves on being perceptive.

Secret #2: Position yourself as the only choice.
Great personal influencers don’t just have a value proposition, they create a personal brand so that they become the only one who does what they do.As the Grateful Dead’s Jerry Garcia said, “Don’t be the best in the world at what you do—be the only one in the world who does what you do.” What process, guarantee, or secret ingredient will make you the only one who does what you do?

Secret #3: Tell a Rags to Riches story.
What is your rags to riches story? We will follow those people who are real, not those who are right, successful, or know more. Our ability to show how we learned and gained success, is a recipe others will follow. Great personal influence is garnered by creating followership, not lording over others your title, prominence, money, power, or success.

Secret #4: Ask better questions, and talk less.
Just because we know how to lose weight, save money, or lead great teams doesn’t mean we’ll actually do it. Thomas Jefferson said, “To know and not do, is actually to not know.” Great influence goes from intellect, to emotion, so with the right emotional connection we can withstand our setbacks.  

As an example, how do you get a smoker to stop smoking? Clearly reviewing all the cancer facts and evidence of harmed lungs won’t work. Instead, have a child ask a smoker, “Can I please have a light?” The smoker will convince kids not to smoke, and in the process they influence themselves through their own arguments. It is way more effective than anything you can do.

Secret #5: Provide red carpet and not doormat service.
Some influencer experts say we need to be accessible to everyone all the time. That is like grandpa apologizing to his family for having a heart attack at the family reunion. We set priorities to align with our values and goals, respond diligently to those activities that support our values, and ditch the rest. Truly stand for something or fall for anything.

Secret #6: See connections not competition.
Self-reliant achievers do not offer help or ideas in exchange for anything more than the knowledge they benefitted another. Too many low-level achievers offer just enough of their best practices, advice, or suggestions to then ask for a referral or a job. If benevolence is balanced as a bartering tool, we end up exploiting a connection and our business or relationships will shrivel. Influence with a volunteer spirit and win many more friends, resources, long term value, and money.

Secret #7: Write and speak powerfully.
Influencers understand that the root of the word authority is author, and few things capture attention like the launch of a book. Why are John Maxwell and Ken Blanchard legendary leadership experts? Partly because they’ve written or co-authored over 60 books each! You will stand out when you have a book to hand out. The best speakers never sell directly from the stage; they don’t need to. They share case studies that make prospects envious of the results; they tell stories that emotionally move people.

Secret #8: Read a lot
Bill Gates said “The difference between ‘B’ players and ‘A’ players is 24 books a year.” Influencers read and study more than just the topic in which they are an expert or most interested. They explore various novels, articles, and reference books and learn new things. Breadth and depth of knowledge is a key component to real influence.

The benefit of you as a person, a big brother or big sister, not your resume, is what others buy.


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