8 Rules Of Business Success

Here are my 8 simple rules to help us succeed in business:

  1.     Learn To Handle Adversity
  • Focus on the things we can control
  • Give others the ownership of projects
  • Anticipate and plan for contingencies
  • Over-communicate updates and options
  1.     Lead People Effectively
  • Respect everyone
  • Analyze and recognize each team member’s unique capabilities, motivations and talents
  • Reward and celebrate both small and large wins. Work Smart. Play Smart.
  1.     Mentor The Bench Strength
  • Share ideas with mentees on how to identify and find a mentor. This includes the mentor being knowledgeable of the next role the mentee is looking to move into, as well as the mentor being a good teacher
  • Mentors provide counsel, while the mentee provides solutions and recommendations
  • The mentee should drive the process. Coaches guide current success, while mentors guide understanding and success in future roles.
  1.     Hire Right. Disengage Right
  • Hire for values, not just competency and skills. DDI research says 89% of  employee departure is due to a poor motivational fit, and not due to underperforming skills or abilities.
  • Trust, but Verify ~ Ronald Reagan
  • Check how candidates communicate their errors and weaknesses
  • Disengage poor hires rapidly – for their benefit as well as the team. Hurry, don’t rush.
  1.     Coaching Success
  • Through excellent listening skill, others begin to feel they can be the smartest person in the room
  • Be clear about expectations as measured through others stating and showing what they understand and will actually do
  • Give honest, clear, patient, non-emotional, observation-based feedback
  • Move from employee ‘interest’ to employee ‘caring’
  1.     Career Pathing
  • There is no longer a corporate ladder – it’s a jungle gym – lateral moves develop key competencies and decision-making for future success
  • Focus on our strength as well as others’ strength to achieve excellence in current roles
  • Know the organization’s expectations of roles being sought, by us or by others, will be different in 5 years
  1.     Build Management Skills
  • Technology used to be the spoke of the issue – it’s now the hub – it’s a lot more than simply a tool
  • Are gains sustainable through proper systems and processes, or are they sustainable only in the heads of a few executives?
  • Research and evidence carry the day – but time and effort spent to be totally right slows decision-making
  • Measure results and hold ourselves accountable before approaching others. Drive dialogue and not blame.
  1.     Why Your Team?
  • Do others sense your team’s commitment to innovation and future goals?
  • How nimble do others believe your team to be?
  • What are your team’s values? Are they ever discussed?
  • Does your team communicate change quickly and with conviction? How fast do you identify and correct issues and direction?

If we support people to drive quality and results – Everyone wins!  


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