4 Ways Managers Create Dead People Working

Sometimes it’s the simple things that seem so normal that cause us the biggest challenges.  

1. So, we have a good team and one or two players become our “A” players. To make sure we get tasks done…. We pile on.

We don’t mean too overwork our best people but they ask for extra tasks, the spotlight, money, or recognition, and by not making others responsible for tasks, we hurt the entire team and long-range outcomes. If rewards don’t match the effort of “A” players, that creates problems such as them burning out or quitting. Worse yet, “B” players stop striving to grow, partly because they may think we have already decided who the “A” players are, and they believe they won’t ever be part of that ‘club.’ We need to find strengths in all our players and minimize piling on.

2. Average players may not complain – and it’s our fault for not checking their silence as more meaningful when they say ‘things are ok.’ Silence can be another form of disgust or disengagement. We need to regularly shift from simple coaching work tasks to more interview questions about an employee’s motivational fit. Investigate the underlying silence or risk being surprised when ‘gradually and suddenly’ our team quits. It’s not so much quitting their job as they may just quit caring altogether.

3. We get stressed and it shows. We need more sleep and short walks to clear our mind, or we risk others becoming more concerned about us or the organization, than focusing on their jobs. Keep others focused by keeping ourselves balanced in our thoughts and actions

4. We run the shop without telling people where we’re going.4.Look, I know where we’re going; I just need people concentrating on their jobs, spending less time barking at each other, or in meetings being told the big picture.” Sounds right but it’s so horribly wrong. Brief relevant team meetings to recalibrate the team, are essential for inspiration and purpose.

Without ongoing discussion to inspire purpose – well, welcome to dead people working.


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