Tiny Tweaks To Calm Your Cranky

  • Force a smile in a tough situation
  • Help an elderly person in the grocery store
  • Smile at noisy kids – you were noisy once too!
  • Count 3 things others like about you, right now
  • Go compliment someone
  • Think about your traits and values you are most proud
  • Call your mom and ask her who her best friend was and what her favorite game was as a kid  
  • Give someone a long overdue thank you for a blessing in your life  
  • Forgive that one person and let go of the search for a better past
  • Close a business letter with the words “Your Friend”
  • Stop swearing
  • Decide what your purpose is today
  • Write the paragraph you want read at your 80th birthday
  • Think of your boss’ best trait and tell him what it is
  • Pretend every conversation at home was written down in the newspaper
  • Stop gossiping and rumoring
  • Give yourself applause for trying to be better and accept not being perfect!
  • Unexpectedly hold the door open for a loved one
  • Choose to be happy and make being right less important
  • Say “yes” 5 times to every 1 “no”
  • Do the right thing when no one is looking
  • Make an anonymous gift
  • Tell your boss how great your teammate is

Get the theme? it’s simple – Be grateful and Serve others.

That’s it!


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